An Infusion Of Culture In Luxembourg And Edinburgh

We Are Dedicated To Providing An Exciting Roster Of Artists With A Platform To Release High-Quality Content Online.

MP3 files will soon be available from our music artists. Artwork will be produced in a variety of formats available for users to view. In addition to this, Poetry will be presented from our epic collection of artists.

All of this will be free, with Renegade Screw challenging the traditional concept of record label, art gallery and book publisher in the digital age.

All releases will be seen as an opportunity to challenge the medium and structure of traditional pop culture.

The Artists

Phat Koknoz
With a unique take on electronic music, Koknoz has arrived at a dub-influenced bass-driven sound but with unexpected emotion. Tweaking his sound since arriving in Luxembourg, this thought-provoking artist is certainly one to watch.

Acid influenced electronic funk music from Edinburgh, Blindfoley has just released his debut work for Renegade Screw. Twisted melodies and bouncing beats dominate his work delivered with precision direct to your soul.

OOO, or ‘Out Of Order’ is a conceptual artist based in Luxembourg. His works cover a diverse range of subject matter, where the perception of the subject matter itself is regularly held up to question. Remarkably self-aware works, often infuse the original concept with an inversion of itself resulting in both post-modern but intellectually engaging works. Recently he has found himself engaging in ‘dub-art’ which allows a fresh approach to space in his work.

Andrew Hutton
A poet from Edinburgh, Andrew's work has previously been published in poetry books and is known for his mixture of sneering sarcasm and intellectual wit.